I'd like to treat myself to a spa day. I'm looking for a place that either offers a pedicure and/or a facial. I realize this may not be entirely inexpensive. I am ok with that. I already have an awesome place to get a full body massage, and cheaply I might add. 




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Thanks for your suggestions, Patrick.

Can I ask where you are getting your cheap full body massage?  I'm still trying to find places.

What is your definition of cheap?


From my experience I can say a full body massage costs about 150 - 250 Yuan.


In the end I joined one of the most luxurious places in Xi'an.

They charge 228 Yuan for a full body massage (70 minutes or so).

That includes all beverages (excl. alcoholics) and food (little snacks, chinese food, some western).

Environment and service like a 5-star hotel.


As a 'VIP' you pay only 138 Yuan for a 70/75 minutes massage ... saving 90 Ýuan (VIPs always get discount 40-50%).

To get such a VIP card (life time) one have to pay 1000 Yuan. In addition, you first massage evening is free and as a VIP you can invite friends as often as you like .... and they get your VIP discount as well.


If you wanna check them out, drop me a line and we can go there together, so you will have your full body for 138 Y.


Location: Tai Bai Nan Lu, not far from Keji road.



If you are familiar with the location of 西安外国语大学 (XISU)'s old campus, near 市大路 (Shida Lu), the massage place is located near it. Honestly, I don't know how to give specific instructions to this place, because it is in a residential area, about 5 minutes from Chang'an Nan Lu. This place costs 35 yuan for one hour.

Have you heard "汤峪温泉"(Tangyu Spa)? Its really worth visting and enjoying:)

Located in Lantian county in Xi'an, Tangyu town is a famous spa destination. The temperature of the hot water in Tangyu spa measures as high as 61 degrees. It contains many minerals such as iron, sulfate, iodine and other trace elements, which can be used to help treat many conditions.

More details information:http://www.71u.co.nz/index.php/En/ticketview/id/183.html

The discussion thread is a little old, and many new Massage centers might have come up. Any suggestions for a good full body massage ?

This item in my Bucket List also remains open :)

I say go for the good ones at Shangri-La or Westin. They have great spas there.

How much do they charge?

One-time-fee, membership?


Crowne Plaza Xi'an

Teaching English In Xi'an


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