Does anyone know if there is a kindergarten like the Etonkids of Beijing in Xi'an???

I have been working in a hostel for a year now.A lot of people have regarded it as a promising occupation for me---whose major is actually English.However,many things have taken place to make me consider if it is really so.The answer is I cannot not work here for 3-5 years as expected since there is no chance to improve or promote and I need to change.Someone suggested that I do kindergarten teacher and I nodded.Now I need to find a bilingual kindergarten in Xi'an where the communication language is half English,half Chinese.Does anyone know if there is one and the name of it???

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Perfect !

I don't know if China is different, but normally, there is no future for a kindergarten teacher. Of course if you love children and don't care about money it is a very good Job.
In a hotel you can get promoted (of course not in the first year!) and become a manager, if u r good at your job, after you have experience, get hired by a 5 star international chain hotel, work overseas and have a very good income. But in a kindergarten, you are always a teacher... even if you get promoted, what will u become? The manager of a kindergarten? How is that comparable to a manager of an international Hotel?

Dui le: that speech about "being a Christian and following the advice of the church for your Job" did not make the least bit of sense to me (& I am a religious person). You can have your faith but you don't need to choose your Job based on a suggestion from a priest. You can say: Thank you for your suggestion but I think I will choose another Job... Each person is good for a specific Job. For example some people are good teachers, some are not. If you are not a good teacher, you should not teach. You can pay your service to the church in many other ways.

Ah Religion, poking it's nose where it doesn't belong. Any religious figure is unfit to give advice on pretty much any subject. Experience is what makes advice valid and religious figures experiences are far removed from those of us living in the real world. Not to mention that most advice from religious figures is self-serving i.e. "We will build a kindergarten so you should be a kindergarten teacher". Add to this that in most major religions, its leaders are provided for by their flock and higher-ups, hence they have no real-world work experience as their only job is active recruitment. Getting advice about anything from a religious figure is naive and borderline insane. 

Now, those of us who have had actual jobs, live in the real world, and do not live our lives based on archaic texts handed down word of mouth through centuries before being cobbled together by committee would give the following advice:

Teaching - Spectacular job as long as you don't want to be rich and don't mind being in a rather thankless job where there is little to no room for advancement. I am a teacher and I really do like it. But, once you become a teacher it becomes harder and harder to move out of teaching as your skill set is very specific and doesn't translate well into other fields, so you are stuck with it.

Hotels - Great job as long as you are willing to sacrifice a social life. Like any service industry job, your busiest times are when no one else is working. I have a buddy who is a chef in a 5 star in Xi'an and he said it is hard to have a relationship with anyone not in the industry as your schedules rarely if ever coincide. But, the Hotel Industry offers advancement and travel opportunities you can take advantage of. With your English (it is quite good by the way) and your nationality (Chinese are traveling overseas at staggering rates), you have a unique opportunity to seek employment in the surrounding Southeast Asian countries. I was in Thailand 2 years ago and in Bangkok alone there was a flood of job postings for people who speak both Mandarin and English in the Hotel industry. If I was a young Chinese English major that is exactly what I would do as the job market for English majors in China is daunting to say the least.

Finally, If you are unwilling to have your opinions, views, personality, and choices criticized, do not post anything on the internet. I agree with all the criticisms people have already given you and if anything I think people here let you off too easy. If your posts reflect your personality, I can completely understand why you have a difficult time with your boss. You come across as an idealistic, entitled, naive teenager and while your age gives you a bit of an excuse, I would listen carefully to what people have already said to you and give it a good hard think. When I was in my early 20's I was lucky enough to have quite a few people sit me down and tell me I was acting like an idealistic, entitled, and naive teenager. I hated it then, but they were right and I thanked them for it later.

Good luck!  

Catherine, on a more positive note ... if you are considering working for a hotel, drop me a private message. I may get you in contact with some hotels.

Don't agree with 'glorifying your responsibilities' although I'm pretty sure most people do that.

Catherine, at a young age people seemingly women often want to work with Children. If that is what you want so it be. But consider the fact of opportunity to grow and move forward. Also consider what you do well and what your weaknesses are. In HR this is measured by psychometrics. Motory skills, ability to deal with people, emotiveness, etc.

I don't know about the Hotel industry in China but in my country unless you work up into management you will not make much money. At near your age I worked in the Westin Hotel in banquets.

But do not overlook the chance to move to other industries later on. Being at a Hotel you might meet the right people to advance your career. But rules may prohibit you from interacting with customers for personal reasons.

If you are not happy at your hotel I am sure that someone who speaks English would be welcome at another hotel. Unless you like Teaching and well you can teach English to Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School, High School and if you have a degree University.

Also consider that the Xian government has asked for workers to speak English.

Perhaps an Emergency department dispatch line like fire, ambulance, police or working at a hospital as an interpreter might be of interest. Keeping in mind that some of these jobs might be quite stressful at times but you might get personal reward.

One last note on Hotels. In 5 Star Hotels you migth meet people of different class. Being more forward less forward and other behaviors such as social class and culture can be something to learn. Also standing out beyond other workers making them look bad or showmanship can be an issue. I have never met you but ask the question on why your boss singles you out. Is there a reason or is it a personal issue between you and him.

Being able to speak English and Chinese in China opens many doors. You just need to find the path you want. Even if it is temporarily in a Kindergarten.

If you want to talk more without public ridicule or risk from your boss send me a message. I can give a little advice but lack what is available in China.

Thank you very much!!!How may I talk more with you with being publicized???

I am not sure if you mean to be talking on this discussion or to reply personally. To reply personally you need to add as a friend then you can discuss in private things that should be kept personal. (like your employer).


If you want to continue in public ask more questions.

Thank you,guys,for wasting your time on answering my questions and very sorry about my aggressive opinions posted yesterday.I am a sensitive girl as well as immature in many aspects.Since I have really been troubled by this,I have lost my control over the temper at that moment.Please forgive me.

I have read all of your suggestions,some of which are really inspiring.I will be thinking about this until decision is made.Many thanks again~~~


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