Does anyone know if there is a kindergarten like the Etonkids of Beijing in Xi'an???

I have been working in a hostel for a year now.A lot of people have regarded it as a promising occupation for me---whose major is actually English.However,many things have taken place to make me consider if it is really so.The answer is I cannot not work here for 3-5 years as expected since there is no chance to improve or promote and I need to change.Someone suggested that I do kindergarten teacher and I nodded.Now I need to find a bilingual kindergarten in Xi'an where the communication language is half English,half Chinese.Does anyone know if there is one and the name of it???

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And keep your personal issues off-line. Aren't you worried that your boss reads this or somehow hears about it and gets even more pissed-off with you ?

You do know you have to have a full frontal lobotomy before you can become a kindergarten teacher..

Very well,guys.

Thanks for your answers,which were really upsetting.I am not promoting my own things online nor doing things stupid.I am just 21 years old---an age for people to grow,to consider,to change a lot.Do not tell me that you guys have never experienced that before.I am sure my boss won't see this online since he never uses this website even though I recommended once.All I am doing here is to ask for help and advice that might come from experienced persons that I never knew.I have got the same voice from the peers around me,do I have the right to consult some different people even if I have never met???If you dare log in here,that means you are not evil nor amongst the criminals.If I am wrong,I am sorry for my higher recognition and expectation of you guys.My goal might change in times,but DO NOT tell me that you have stuck to your dream established in your toddlerhood all these years.If you have,prove it!!!Otherwise I will not apologize.Don't always think that every English-studying student is just ridiculous and absurd jerkkkkkkkk.We have thoughts and ideas and we are trying to make them better fitted to us.

I'm sorry that my reply upset you. Let me elaborate ...

I for one find it a bit strange that only 3 weeks ago you come to this forum claiming you want to set up your own hostel and asking for advise. Many people gave you well-meant suggestions. Then you post a lot of events for the hostel you are currently working for. Very well.

Next you complain about your relationship with your boss, something I personally think is very unprofessional to post on a public forum like this. Not only should you consider that to be a private issue, you should also try to solve it with your superior. Nobody here can tell you why he's not being kind to you. It's something that only he or maybe your colleagues can explain. People here can only make unsubstantiated guesses ...

Finally, within just 3 weeks, you are back saying that you want to quit and become a kindergarten teacher. Now, I don't know about others but I personally think that's means that the people that have you advise have wasted their time a few weeks ago and some will not be very willing to do that again.

Also, I maintain my opinion that even though your boss might not read Talkxian it is unprofessional and unwise to post here that you want to quit your job. Besides to me it feels like so many job-hopping young Chinese that seem to lack determination to make their job work and go with every whim they might feel.

I don't know you and I might be wrong, but posting your feelings and opinions here is asking for a response. Sometimes it might just not be the response you were wishing for ... 

P.S. Matthijs is right. Big hotels in Xi'an are always looking for good people because their employee turn-over rate is horrendous. 

I knew that the former about my relationship with my superior was very not sensible,so I closed right after you guys' suggestions.I was not complaining about that.

You do not know me and I will forgive you.Since you would not know that how much I have struggled in the hostel.I had really settled my mind to create right after doing well in this one.Nevertheless,the situation in it has been desperate.I could not help it any longer,then I would quit sooner or later.Then my priest came in to tell me that our church needs such people like kindergarten teachers for the kindergarten that we are going to build in the foreseeable future and maybe I should have a try of this.Weighing of the pros and cons in my mind lasted for several days and I have decided to follow the church's advice.I am Christian and am devoted to my faith,my Lord.Whatever I will do and wherever i shall stay should be all among the run-up stuff of my service in church.Sticking to the dreams should be great and bravo,but might be not the most rational.I am grateful to all of the advice made by the people online and I am sorry that I have betrayed my former dream and failed you,which is enough for you to despise me and feel disappointed...

To be fair.. My advice was actually well meaning.. I wouldn't wish a kindergarten job on my worst enemy.. Good luck Catherine.. 


Matthijs ... don't you see ... it's all part of a cunning plan. Get people to quit their jobs and become teachers at a kindergarten so they can help you imprint your beliefs on fragile little minds. And if after 10 years you realise you threw away your career you can always say: 'Well, this was wat the good Lord had in mind for me'. 

Beware Catherine, if this is the case it's actually illegal in China ...

I'm off to read some Dawkins now ...

HE didn't invent Nirvana. Heaven and Nirvana are two very different concepts with totally different effects on religious people during their lifetimes.

But nirvana is nothingness ... so it cannot have been created. ;-)

As someone who had to teach Kindergarten 13 hours ago, trust me Ed, kindergarten children don't have 'minds'..


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