Just wondering if anyone knows of any secure and legal forms of investments here in China. 

From most paychecks I have several thousand leftover, just sitting there doing nothings.  Is there a mutual fund I could park the money in?  It would be better than leaving it in the bank, at least it would grow. 

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witty response. 

  1. Over price beer
  2. The place is mostly filled with temporary expats 
  3. Not a smart way to save money
  4. Many other bars nearby which I can get free drinks from Chinese. 
  5. Don't you own the place? 
Good idea, I'll buy some tbills

If you haven't already invested you money by now, don't. I'm holding off for 2-3 years before dumping money back into anything. Especially in China.

I agree with Matthijis, disposable income should be spent right now. The enjoyment i get out of Vedett draft at the Beligian bar is way better than any other investment right now.

I understand what you are saying, its just that I don't like drinking that much. 

Back in the states my money is all invested, I have always invested my money and it just bothers me that I am not investing my money now. 


I'm not a expert in investment and computer but I have a question; I read your Blog about language school: Did you go to any school after all? Did you check out the school K&C at the TV-Tower?



Right now, I have a full load of teaching, and I haven't check in to any schools, I will after I get all my lesson plans made for the semester, then I will find a school that can teach me on the weekends. 

Ok, thanks for the info


Crowne Plaza Xi'an

Teaching English In Xi'an


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