Greetings! We are the students of Xi'an International Studies University, and now we are doing a research about Foreigners' current habitation and life situation who are living in Xi'an now. The research will be the initial value for our academic study. We promise that your personal information and following answers will be highly protected. THANKS FOR YOUR COORPERATION!


Part 1. Personal Information

1. Gender                       Nationality       

2. been in China for     years     Plan to study/ work for     years

3. Your career            (if you are a student, please write down your school name and major                     )

4. Your age      years old  A.15~24  B.25~34  C.35~44  D.45 and over


Part 2. About study     

5.What are the main reasons you choose to stay in China        [multiple]

A.attracted by Chinese culture            B.experiencing different survival mode

C.parents and friends are here        D.planning to marry and settle down         E.job demand

6.What's the biggest harvest when you stay in China        [multiple]

A.know more about China              B.improve my Chinese and my major knowledge  

C.prepare for my future job     D.know more people, make more friends     E. No special experience

7.What's your future plan in the next three years          [multiple]

A.go back to my country                       B.get another job in China

C.choose another city to develop in China       D.never consider such questions


Part 3. About living and life

8. You lived in      (name of community                  )

9. How did you choose your current residence         

A.introduced by friends      B.recommended by net friends myself         D.others       

10. Why did you choose your current residence           

A.I can live with families/friends           B.I can live in the foreigners' agglomeration

C.It’s convenient to my working/ studing place       D.No special reason

11. What kind of your community belongs to       

A.urban village                       B.ordinary residential quater

C.middle-high level residential quarter             D. villa


12. How long does it take from your residence to work/ study place    

A.within half an hour    B.about an hour    C.about one and a half hour    D.two hours and over

13. What are you worried about your current house       [multiple]

A.expensive rent          refused to live in as a foreigner

C.poor condition                   D.inconvenient transportation                    E.nothing

14. What kind of service do you want that the community could offer      [multiple]

A.perfect security measure                   B.bilingual identification

C.intercultural communicating club                D.nothing

15. How satisfied are you with your community's facilities, service, and management        

A.very satisfied         B.satisfied         C.fair         D.dissatisfied         E.very dissatisfied

16.How satisfied are you with your community's transport, hospital, and school   

A.very satisfied         B.satisfied         C.fair         D.dissatisfied         E.very dissatisfied

17.How satisfied are you with your current living condition     

A.very satisfied         B.satisfied         C.fair         D.dissatisfied         E.very dissatisfied

18. Where do you prefer to live in Xi'an        [multiple]

A.old city community(within the Ming Dynasty city walls) 

B.inside of city community(within the 2nd circle highway)

C.outside of city community(between the 2nd and 3rd circle highway)       

D.suburban community


Part 4. About daily communicating

19. Your Chinese level      

A.fairly fluent        B.daily communicate        C.just say hello          D.couldn't say a word

20. Do you think your Chinese level will be an obstacle for you to make friends with Chinese people         

A.definitly yes                           B. Kind of                       C.not at all

21. What are the common difficulties for you to live in China       [multiple]

A.language barrier                   refused and discriminated as a foreigner

C.difficult to fit into Chinese culture or lifestyle    D.others             

22. who will help you when you fall into trouble       [multiple]

A.families      B.friends      C.schoolmates/ colleagues myself      E.others     

23. How do you prefer to make closer friends     [multiple]

A.introduce by friends tools eg.Skype or QQ      D.others

24. why do you want to make friends with Chinese people     [multiple]

A.improve my Chinese skill                 B.marriage/ migrate                C.for money

D.learn Chinese culture                                       E.just make friends

25. Why do Chinese people want to make friends with you      [multiple]

A.improve their foreign language skill                         B.marriage/ migrate 

C.for money                    D.broaden their horizon                   E. just make friends

26. Who will you communicate with usually in your social life residents      B.schoolmates       C.colleagues       D.people from my own country

27. How are you getting along with your neighbour      

A.intermingle with each other        B.just say hello      C.strange to me      D.haven't seen them

28. What can't you tolerate when get along with community residents         

A.impolitly and unfriendly                      B.doesn't care of public property

C.environmental awarenessless                D.extravagance and waste

29. Have you ever had conflicts with local people, and why     [multiple]

A.never  B.yes, because of racial discrimination   C.yes, because of faith   D.yes, because of money

30. Have you ever been rejected and threatened by the local people, and why      [multiple]

A.never  B.yes, because of language barrier  C.yes,because I'm a foreigner  D.yes,because of money


Part 5. About your impression on Xi'an

31. Your impression on Xi'an       

A.very well       special impression            D.not that good

32. How much do you know about Xi'an       

A.very familiar        B.a little part         C.just about my working/studing area        D.nothing

33. What's the advantage of Xi'an compared with your own city      [multiple]

A.considerable culture culture ambience    C.famous tourist spots   D.obvious city feature

34. What's the disadvantage of Xi'an compared with your own city       [multiple]

A.over population        B.heavy traffic             C.high price            D.dry climate

35. What satisfied you most when you worked/studied in Xi'an       

A.appreciate beautiful scenery     B.taste delicious food     C.hospitable people     D.all of them

36. What are you worried most about when work/study in Xi'an       

A.heavy traffic                                B.burglary phenomenon

C.discriminate about foreigners                 D.unhabit of geographical differences

37. What's the purpose when you travel far away from Xi'an        [multiple]

A.make friends               needs

38. Do you think Xi'an has already reached the standard of international metropolis       

A.already reached         B.just reached        C.need to be improved      D.make a big change

39. What do you think is the landmark building of Xi'an     

A.Bell tower     B.City walls      C.Changan tower      D.should build a new landmark construction

40. Do you think citizens' English level and the complex formed characters will affect Xi'an development      

A.yes, language is the tool to contact with world       B.a little        D.never thought of

41. Do you think Xi'an's population, environment, and resource will be the crucial factor of its development         

A.yes                B.maybe                          D.never thought of

42. What do you think should be paid more attention of Xi'an international meropolis development       

A.economic capabilities standard    C.humanistic literacy   D.public security system

43. Do you think Xi'an is an ideal easy livable city       

A.yes                           B.need to be improved                 

44. Which one do you think Xi'an has reached the standard of developping international metropolis         [multiple]

A.well living and space environment               B.stable humanity and social environment   

C.harmonious zoology and nature environment     D.cleanly and efficiently producing environment


Part 6. Opening questions

45.What suggestion you can give on the service facilities distribution and plan of your community? 



46. What service facilities do you think should be added to make your life more convenient in Xi’an?  



47.Besides the above questions, what suggestion you want to give?






Thanks for your coorperation !

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Would be more than happy to help out, but you folks are not making this easy. No online survey, not Word document to full out, not even a return e-mail address. How do you expect people to actually respond to this ?

can you write your emile here, you konw i make a survy in i don't kown how to use it,mybe i can send a word document

William, of you properly put it online I can include it in one of the newsletters of the Xi'an International Business Forum. But like this it's simply not going to work.

Besides, you might want to let someone double-check the translation and quality of the questions because some of it is downright confusing.


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