Does anyone play (western) chess here? 

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Backgammon are for black people

I would love to play sometimes though :)  But where can we find a backgammon set in Xian?

Don't know how to play unfortunately, but we could get a backgammon and chess club running together.

I once played Chinese Chess and Western (International) chess at the same time against two different opponents and beat both of them within 10 minutes.  You down for a challenge?  Haha!  Just kidding, I am really not that egotistical *ahem*.  I am down for a casual game of chess whenever I'm free :).  

I really did play both games of chess simultaneously and won both of them, but both my opponents sucked.  But it's been a while since I played (since I moved to Xian) so I might be a bit rusty.

Send me a private msg with a way to contact you (QQ or Skype or GoogleTalk or Weixin or Cell)  and we can plan a time a place for some hot and heavy chess action yea yea.

So, it looks like I have one taker. I do have a western chess set here, it is not the greatest but shall suffice. Does anyone know of a good venue (ie: a place that sells beer and wants customers on a Sunday evidenced by the fact that the beers are reasonably priced)?

Do you have a chess clock?  I had two chess clocks back in the States they were so coool!  But I haven't seen any here in Xi'an.

no but I've ordered all manner of chess paraphernalia from a large supplier not far from Shanghai. I want to get a clock but am a bit hesitant after the one I got from this supplier broke when I hit the button a little bit excitedly once. 

Picture of me playing both kinds of Chess at the same time.  I whooped both their asses..

Played Chinese chess against these dudes on some street near Luo Ma Shi.  That was quite an experience, those guys were so loud and had no qualms yelling at you for making stupid moves.  The whole time I was playing they were screaming stuff at me, mostly in the Shaanxi dialect but I understood stuff like "Why are you giving him your horse you stupid boy!"  haha.

I did finally managed to start winning after I got used to the audience.

Heee hee I am such a braggart!  But I think I have the right to be if I managed to accomplished these two feats!  Haha!

I am definitely in, I love western chess and have been looking for a game. I have a clock and an old tournament board/pieces.  Let me know when/where you want to play.

I know it's not quite the same, but you can get a decent chess clock app for Android or iPhone - you just lay the phone down next to the board and tap either side to start each other's clocks - just a thought! I'd be up for some chess sometime - I'll watch out on this thread for when/where, or just send me a PM to arrange something. I reckon I might even be able to beat Huey at his special two types of chess simul! :-)

hahaha hi David!  Do you even have time for Chess?  You are so busy these days!

Hey Huey. A little busy, but never too busy for chess! Whereabouts are you these days?


Crowne Plaza Xi'an

Teaching English In Xi'an


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