Hey, I know this is kind of a silly question, but do any of you know a foreign super market that might have a good selection of breakfast cereal? I already checked Walmart and it looked like they had a very limited selection. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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near dian shi ta(TV tower) station, there is a Metro...
Thanks for the tip guys, I'll definitely check it out!
Yi Pin Life supermarket.
Location:Gao Xin Road,besides KFC
Bell Tower,Centry GINWA Shopping Mall
Zhang Ba East street
and some of it in compound...i don't remember their name sorry,hope it helps:)

omg weet-bix ewwwww ..i want coco pops and sultana bran ...does it stock them? vegemite,peanut butter,

what do chinese have for breakfast if no serial ...pancakes ? bacon and eggs ? scrambled eggs on toast ? rasin bread ..omg please say i can get rasin bread in china...

@ Radi why do you need a passport to go shopping for?

omg ill just get a chinese friend to shop there for me then hahaha i hate my passport photo :P do i have to use my passport a lot in china to do normal things like shopping a lot or just some times?

seriously thats the craziest thing i have heard of ...hello sir can i see your passport to enter a food shop

Don't forget your talkxian password...haha:)

You think they'd let me in with a drivers license as ID? I always so paranoid to carry around my passport cause I'm afraid I'll lose it haha


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