Bridges Coffee Shop--No place like it in Xi'an! Authentic western food and drinks, specialty coffees, relaxing atmosphere, free wifi.

Open Monday to Saturday--11:00-22:30
Phone: 84502441
500 m south of Keji Lu Xi Kou on Zhang Ba Bei Lu,
Li Jun Ming Tian Xiao Qu

高新区丈八路与唐兴路利君明天广场(利君明天小区大门南侧) 桥缘文化交流中心一楼

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Yeah, root beer and homemade icecream!
They really have root beer? I'm intrigued.
Regular and diet!
Are you sure there's no place like it ? Looks and sounds like many other similar spots ...
Come and find out!
Sorry, I prefer to eat Chinese food and find coffee too expensive in China (1/3 of my daily budget for a cup ... don't think so) so I tend not to go to these kind of places too much. But I'm sure it's lovely if you like that kind of stuff. ;-)
Any chance of getting that address in 汉字 so I can show it to a cab driver? KeiJi Lu is somewhere in Gaoxin right? o.O
hi Radi I don't think this is the exact location for Bridges'.....we book group just had a meeting at Bridges' last Saturday and I think the exact site should be: 高新区丈八路利君明天广场(利君明天小区大门南侧) 桥缘文化交流中心一楼     PS: nice place indeed!

Jean's reply below it correct.  It is 500 m south of the intersection that Radi mentioned.  Many taxi drivers don't know that complex yet we tell them the closest intersection.  Below is Jean's description with the intersection added.

Yes, Keji Lu is in Gao Xin and Keji lu xi kou (West end) is right where the Gao Xin McDonald's is.

高新区丈八路与唐兴路利君明天广场(利君明天小区大门南侧) 桥缘文化交流中心一楼

The 400, 300, 800, 201 225 buses (and several others) all stop near us, at the 西辛庄 (xi xin zhuang)



Do you guys have a wide selection of imported beers and wines to round out our dining experience?

Sorry, we don't serve alcohol.


Whaaa...?  i live right next to this intersection, go shopping in that vanguard, and eat across the street.  Where is this restaurant????


Crowne Plaza Xi'an

Teaching English In Xi'an


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