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I'll visit Xi'an after completing a TranSiberian rail trip from Moscow to Beijing. In Jim Rogers' book, 'Investment Biker' he mentions that his favorite activity in Xi'an was the Bird Market.

Apparently, it's fascinating, fairly secret, and not many foreigners visit.

Can anyone provide details about where, when, and how to visit?

Feel free to private message me if this is 'top secret' information, ha.




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firstly when you day bird market visit, did you just mean various knids of birds or birds and other flowers and plants?  if you wanna visit a place full of birds, my recommendation is a place inside xingqing part in the eastern part called WORLD OOF BIRDS. when you would like to visit places full of little animals and flowers and plants. then i guess you have more options, the four parts of xi'an have their fairs or call it a gathering for these creatures...  anyway may you have a most pleasant stay in xi'an..

There is a bird market in center, near Lianhu Park, Xi Cang Lane, opens every Sunday in the morning,bird, pets, everything.


Crowne Plaza Xi'an

Teaching English In Xi'an


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