I am looking for a baby sister / baby sitter for my 5 weeks old daughter.

My home is located South of Da Yanta, Qujiang, near Nan Hu.

Task: Taking care of my daughter, helping her mother, cooking Chinese dishes

Time Frame: 1-2 months

Salary: Up to 8000 RMB / month

Qualification: Female, mother, has already worked as a baby sister

Language: At least broken English

A dedicated guest room is available.

Please PM me, if interested


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Lots of housekeeping can be found in Xi'an, who provide housecleaning, professional baby sitters, etc,, More information, you can ask help of XIANEASE TEAM.

OK Robert.

XIANEASE is almost as same dead as talkxian.com

I placed an add there ... and - of course - no reaction.

I am already 6 years in Xi'an, so - if your have something to offer, send an PM to me

1 For a man stayed here 6 years, should can't find a baby sister...Did you think a little reason by yourself?

2 My friend wants to find a tutor to teach her kid and 阿姨 to clean the house, as a Chinese i think the salary is not good, but I was suprised when I post it many people contact us:)

3 Talkxian seems dead, but I ofen see you here, so should I buy you a drink when I meet you?

4 Thanks...though you seems complained more, but you still here, from other point, you are one of the contributor...

5 I suprised you still in Xi'an and have a baby now. Congrats!

8000 RMB attracts noone?


Crowne Plaza Xi'an

Teaching English In Xi'an


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