I just saw the movie "Horrible.Bosses",a pretty funny story.
The three leading actors are not famous at all,but there are several bigstars only as supporting actors. An interesting cast.

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I haven't seen it.  You should write a review of it so those of us who hasn't seen it can decide if we should watch it or not :)

ok I will try to gather my thoughts together and put it into english.

This is a comedy movie about three ordinary workers who have always been treated horribly by their bosses. One day they finally can’t stand it anymore and decide to kill their bosses.

Except the funny stuffs a comedy movie usually has. One thing I want to mention about this movie is the supporting actors. Opposing the three “not that famous” leading actors, There are several big stars in this movie only as supporting actors and some of them will make you surprised for what they are willing to do or be called in the movie.

Horrible boss 1, Kevin spacey. His title in the movie is quote “total f**king asshole”. This is a boss that uses his promise of promotion or salary increase as bait to manipulate his employees and always be suspicious of his wife having affair.

Horrible boss 2, Jennifer Aniston. She is a dentist that harasses her assistant even with her patient present and she is called “evil crazy bitch”.  It is always nice to see “Rachel” on the big screen, but she only show her body and not much.

Horrible boss 3, this “dipshit cokehead son” inherit his company from his father and apparently haven’t learned to cherish what he have and how to show respect to people. He is a total freak with addiction to martial art and drugs. He lost most of his hair and tries to cover his head with the rest, and you wouldn’t believe this role is played by Colin Farrell! 

Jamie foxx is the murder consultant who give advice worth nothing for 3000 to our leading roles and his first name in the movie is “mother f**ker”.

Ioan Gruffudd is also in this movie. He is the first killer our leading roles hired and he turns out to be a homosexual male prostitute.

It is an entertaining movie.


I've watched it... real funny movie, but that's all it is.

hehe ,I had seen it before .it's funny !  The worst thing is having a bad boss, because you spend most of your life is work.

and in reality we can not kill them 


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