an international medical center is now opening with englsih speaking GP

our center is located on No 30 Ke Ji road, high tec zone .

tel : 13701884285 (temp)  or email to to make an appoitment .

serivces include :

general medicine

pediatric care



annual phyical check ups

inpatient observation




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Any more details? Does it cost the same as other Chinese hospitals? what's the address? are you state or private? do patients need to register beforehand? etc

we are a private clinic . we charge much more than local hospitals.  if you want to see a doctor there , you need to call to make an appoitment first by calling this number 13701884285 . the adress is NO 30 Ke Ji road , high tec zone. hope this information will help you us all .

my Xi,an mobile phone number is 182-201-88085 appoitment number.


I've got 2 little children and live in GaoXin so I'm very interested by this new hospital. Are there chinese doctors or foreign doctors?

Do they all speak good english?

Do you have all the vaccinations for children?


Don't forget to ask about the costs.


just to give a little feed back. 

We went 4 times already to Li Ren Hospital recently. And I intend to continue to go there. 

The first 2 times, I went there for vaccinations for my baby. Dr Jerry Tian was not there because he was still working in Shanghai, but he had arranged everything for us. An assistant who spoke a little english stayed with me all the time, and the nurses took charge of the vaccination all right. The cost of these vaccinations was a little bit more than what I paid previously in Tian You Hospital for the same vaccinations (PREVENAR was 1100 yuans in Li Ren Hospital instead of 860 yuans in Tian You Hospital for example).

The next time, my baby was sick so that we had an appointment with Dr Jerry Tian. It was all right. Dr Jerry Tian was very nice with my baby, and he speaks english perfectly (better than me for sure). The cost was 462 yuans for the appointment and 20 yuans for the blood test. We were alone with the doctor in the consultation room. 

The last time, my husband went there because he needed a blood test. So Dr Jerry Tian told the nurses what to do, and my husband had it done all right.  

Over all, it's true it's very expensive, but for me it's much easier to go there, to have an appointment scheduled, not to wait 2 hours with hundreds of people not knowing exactly when it's my turn to go, to speak english with a doctor to whom I can explain exactly the symptoms my baby has, to understand exactly what he says about what to do and the medicines to take. So for me, without any doubt, it's worth the cost. And above all, I must say that my health insurance is paying for everything. 

you should build a website, for in xi an few doctors can speak fluent english , so a site can help many patients get a picture of yuor srevice.

We really need this in Xi'an..I'm with the others...please give us more details, general pricing would be really helpful.

Is this the same one advertised in Xianease?

we charge 300 RMB for consultation. we are the same one advertised in Xianese. for more information ,please call 18220188085.

Do you have an orthopaedic specialist there? X-ray? 

yes we do have x-ray, we can arrange an orthpedic consultaion for you if you need .


Crowne Plaza Xi'an

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