I am really sad when I see my skins get a new kiss by the mosquitoes. But for some reason I don't like to kill them.
Today I catched a small mosquito, I opened the window and let it go, my friends saw it and laughed at me. She thought I was sick, I felt she was weird..
I just want to know does anyone have the same feeling of guilting to killed a mosquito ?

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No. Sometimes I killed them. It's up to whether they annoyed me a lot.

I don't feel gulity, if they drink my blood I totally crazy to kill them.

hahaha, then I think "Six God" is out fashion, people should invite you to their home.

we get hundreds of millions here in the summer plus some have the "ross river virus". so no i don't mind actually we go looking for nests to kill them and so does our government.there a pest especially camping an fishing :(

oh really? hundreds of millions!!!   and "ross river virus"!!!!!!!!

its first time to heard about killed them by nests... tell your government to try "SIX GOD" :P

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ross_River_fever check it out its only in australia maybe papa new guinea or southern islands. so don't worry in china but its a terrible thing to get trust me.



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