Does anyone know of any places to get acupuncture,preferably with English speaking doctors? (acupuncturists???) I'll be moving to X'ian soon and I've been going for acupuncture in my home country for a while, mainly for insomnia. I think it's helped so would be really interested in keeping it up!





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You mean this http://bit.ly/Ip7W21 ?

I have the same problem as you. Also get insomnia for a long time. I tried acupuncture before for 10 days in Xi'an. It didn't help at all. So i give up. Maybe i should insist on. This week i am going to the hosptal and see if there is any other way for me to cure it.Will update you later.

Insomnia ? Get some melatonine. Works like a charm. 

Thanks Matthijis - that would be great!


Crowne Plaza Xi'an

Teaching English In Xi'an


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